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If you’re a foodie and planning a trip to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), you’re in for a treat! The city is known for its fantastic fresh seafood, but there are many other delicious regional foods to try as well. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best restaurants in Rocky Point, including seafood restaurants, steak houses, and new places to try.

Rocky Point Seafood Restaurants Rocky Point is best known for its fresh seafood, and the city is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in Mexico. In fact, many of the top chefs in the country can be found here. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll definitely want to try some of the following restaurants:

  1. Pan y Vino – This restaurant is located in the Las Palomas Resort and serves up delicious seafood dishes with a modern twist. The menu includes dishes like lobster bisque, shrimp tacos, and octopus with black garlic aioli.
  2. Mar Blu – This restaurant is located on Sandy Beach and is known for its fresh ceviche and sushi. They also serve a variety of seafood dishes like grilled octopus and shrimp fajitas.
  3. Garufa – This restaurant is a steakhouse, but they also serve some amazing seafood dishes. Their shrimp scampi is a must-try, as is their lobster tail.
  4. Chef Mickey’s – This restaurant is located in the Mayan Palace Resort and is known for its fusion cuisine. They serve up dishes like grilled shrimp with mango salsa and lobster ravioli.
  5. Moo Steakhouse – As the name suggests, this restaurant is known for its steaks, but they also have a great seafood selection. Try their surf and turf, which comes with a 6 oz. filet mignon and a lobster tail.
  6. Blue Marlin – This restaurant is located on the Malecon and is known for its fresh seafood and beautiful ocean views. They serve up dishes like grilled octopus and blackened grouper.

Besides Fresh Seafood…There is Steak! If you’re in the mood for something other than seafood, Rocky Point has some great steak houses to try. Many of these restaurants serve up tender and flavorful beef from the state of Sonora, which is known for its high-quality beef. Here are a few steak houses to check out:

  1. El Tapeo – This restaurant is located in the Las Palomas Resort and serves up some amazing cuts of meat. Try their ribeye or filet mignon for a delicious meal.
  2. Kaffeehaus – This restaurant is known for its breakfast and brunch, but they also serve up some amazing steak dishes. Try their beef tenderloin with a side of garlic mashed potatoes.
  3. La Curva – This restaurant serves up traditional Sonoran Mexican food, including dishes like machaca and carne asada.El Capitan Seafood & Bar
  4. El Capitan Seafood & Bar is a popular lunch spot in Rocky Point that is known for its amazing seafood. They offer a variety of dishes, including shrimp tacos, ceviche, and grilled fish. Their outdoor seating area provides a beautiful view of the ocean.

New Rocky Point Restaurants Rocky Point is always growing and evolving, which means there are new restaurants opening up all the time. Here are a few new places to try:

  1. Regina’s – This restaurant specializes in Mexican food from the south of the country. Try their mole enchiladas or chiles rellenos for a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.
List of all Restaurants
  1. Adriano´s Pizza: Known for its authentic pizza flavors.
  2. Al Capone’s Seafood & Pizzeria: Known for a mix of classic and modern pizza toppings.
  3. AlaBurgerconelChef: A neighborhood restaurant known for its burgers.
  4. Aladino’s Restaurant: Offers a diverse menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  5. Amor de Pizza: Known for its artisanal wood oven pizza.
  6. Aquí es con Flavio: A legendary seafood and Mexican-American restaurant.
  7. Arena 3C: A restaurant and sports bar with Mexican lucha libre-themed decor.
  8. Asadero Sonora: A hidden treasure for tacos.
  9. Asadero Viva México: Known for Mexico City style tacos.
  10. Banditos: An authentic rock & roll bar.
  11. Blue Palm Cafe (Encantame Towers): Serves Starbucks coffee and breakfast.
  12. Boo Bar Cantina: A sports and beach bar with bamboo walls and palm tree ceilings.
  13. Borrachos Cantina: Offers a family-friendly atmosphere.
  14. Boxha Boox: A café known for Mexican flavored coffee.
  15. Brahman Steakhouse: A family-owned steakhouse.
  16. Bubble Bee Tea: Known for its Bubble Tea, a relatively new addition to the local beverage scene.
  17. Bryan’s Sport Bar: An American-style restaurant and sports bar.
  18. Café Lotto: A charming restaurant born in a lottery ticket sales booth.
  19. Café Puerto Viejo: A local coffee shop on the Malecón.
  20. Cahuamanta el Bagre: Known for fresh and flavorful seafood.
  21. Candy Cake: A spot for coffee, breakfast, and desserts.
  22. Chef Mickey’s Place: Led by Chef Mickey Medina, known for exceptional culinary experiences.
  23. Cheyki’s Pizza: Offers traditional pizza.
  24. Cielito Lindo Fine Mexican Cuisine: Known for authentic Mexican food with an innovative twist.
  25. Citrón: An exclusive restaurant at Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort.
  26. Cocina Express: Known for homemade food.
  27. Coffee Point: Offers a coffee shop vibe with an in-house bakery and outdoor patio.
  28. Coffee Time: A cafeteria known for its essential coffee offerings.
  29. Colin’s Cantina: A bistro with comfort food favorites from the States.
  30. Delicias Restaurante y Cafetería: A gastronomic gem in downtown Puerto Peñasco.
  31. Desert Fish: A market for fresh and frozen seafood.
  32. Diego’s Tiki Bar: Located in the Esmeralda Resort tourist complex.
  33. Duke’s Restaurant: A family-friendly place with a cozy atmosphere.
  34. El Buzo Seafood & Beer: Known for its creative take on seafood dishes.
  35. El local; comida sazona: Offers breakfast and lunch with a Mexican touch.
  36. El Malecón Mariscos: Known for its seafood and panoramic views.
  37. El Oktopus Restaurant Bar: Known for its excellent views, food, and drinks in the Malecon area.
  38. El Pabellon Mexican Grill: Offers Mexican food with a view.
  39. El Tapeo: Offers a Bohemian atmosphere with a focus on shrimp and Margaritas.
  40. Emiliano’s Sport Bar: Offers Mexican and American dishes.
  41. Federico’s Sea Food Bar & Grill: Located in the middle of the fish market of the malecón.
  42. Fire Pit Meat and Grill: A modern Mexican grill at Hotel Peñasco del Sol.
  43. Freshco Salads: Known for salads and healthy food options.
  44. Galindo’s Café: A meeting place for various groups.
  45. Garufa Steak House: A local favorite for steaks.
  46. Giuseppi’s: Offers Mexican-American food with an 80s vibe.
  47. Gran Corte Taquería: Known for meat and high-quality tacos.
  48. Grapes & Barley: Known for craft beer, wine, and cocktails.
  49. Hoyo 19: A place for sports and fine dining.
  50. Hunters & Fishers: Combines a hunting and fishing theme with food and sports.
  51. Ice Cream Coffee: A paradise for ice cream and coffee lovers.
  52. Infusión del Golfo: Known for its culinary spectacle with a sea view.
  53. Jesse’s Carreta: Known for Mexican fiesta flavors and Day of the Dead decoration.
  54. Jj’s Cantina: A popular tavern with a view of Cholla bay.
  55. Kaffeehaus (Kaffee Haus): Busy for breakfast or lunch, known for homemade bread, pastries, and strudel.
  56. La Argentina, Empanadas y Más: Known for its empanadas.
  57. La Cantina Sport Bar: A sports bar at Sonoran Sky resort.
  58. La Casa del Capitan: Recommended for watching sunsets and possibly seeing the green flash.
  59. La Curva: A pioneer in the local culinary scene.
  60. La Joya Bistro Bar: Offers a culinary experience by the beach.
  61. La Marea Sea Food: A new restaurant with seafood flavors.
  62. La Maria Bistro: Located at Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort.
  63. La Michoacana Natural: A popular ice-cream shop, part of a family tradition in Rocky Point.
  64. La Negrita Restaurante: An outdoor dining venue offering classic Mexican dishes.
  65. La Palapa de Don Margaro: Combines Sonora and Sinaloa style seafood flavors.
  66. LaBelle: Offers breakfast and baked goods, located above Coffeepoint.
  67. Latitud 31: Offers seafood, hamburgers, and Mexican dishes.
  68. Leo’s Bar: A cozy restaurant-bar with a natural ambiance.
  69. Little Caesars: Known for hot and tasty pizzas.
  70. Lolita’s café: A unique coffee experience.
  71. Lolita´s restaurante: Offers Mexican cuisine and seafood.
  72. Los Ceboyos Taquería: Offers flavors from the South.
  73. Los Mtz by las Gaviotas: Known for Acapulco-style seafood.
  74. Los Perrones Asadero: Known for its Sonoran tacos.
  75. María Bonita: Offers Mexican cuisine with views.
  76. Mariscos El Ancla: A seafood restaurant with two locations.
  77. Mariscos El Conchal: Known for fresh seafood from the Sea of Cortés.
  78. Mariscos Las Plebes: Offers seafood and fun.
  79. Mary’s Sea Food: A waterfront restaurant on the malecon.
  80. Max’s Cafe: Popular for American-style breakfast and lunch dishes, such as omelets, burritos, sandwiches, and quesadillas.
  81. Med Italian Ristorante: Offers a unique Italian dining experience.
  82. Molly Molly Sushi: Combines tradition and creativity in sushi.
  83. Moo Steakhouse and Grille: A trendy steakhouse in the heart of Rocky Point’s Malecon.
  84. Olas Restaurant: Located at Lluvia del Mar Hotel.
  85. Ole Mole: A Mexican corner with a southern touch.
  86. Panadería La Tapatia: Famous for authentic Mexican baked goods.
  87. Parrilla Barba Negra: Known for its grill and smokehouse.
  88. Pasta Pronto: A place for pizza and pasta lovers.
  89. Pedro’s Restaurante: A hidden gem on the malecon.
  90. Pitaya Bar Restaurante: Ideal for enjoying sunsets.
  91. Pollo Express: Known for its grilled chicken.
  92. Pollo Lucas: Known for its citrusy, marinated grilled chicken under a big palapa roof.
  93. Que chévere: Offers Venezuelan and Mexican cuisine.
  94. Reggie’s 8/12: Combines a supermarket with cuisine.
  95. Regina Cocina Mexicana: Known for traditional Mexican flavors.
  96. Restaurante Puesta del Sol: Known for its gastronomy by the sea.
  97. Ricky’s and Beer: Known for wings and beer.
  98. Rocio’s Restaurante: Offers breakfasts and homemade meals.
  99. Rocky Point Restaurante: Offers over 40 years of Chinese cuisine.
  100. Roger’s Pizza: Known for delicious pizzas.
  101. Rosmarino Limón: An Italian-Mexican restaurant.
  102. Rosy’s Restaurant: A local favorite with a long-standing history.
  103. Saiko Sushi: Offers an unparalleled Japanese culinary experience.
  104. Santo Coyote Ocean Cantina (Encantame Towers): Offers high-quality food and service with an ocean view.
  105. Señorial Bar: A lively place for a night out.
  106. Shark Bite: A vibrant restaurant bar on the malecon.
  107. Sheve Shop: Ideal for fun and flavors.
  108. Sr. Amigo: Known for its spacious and comfortable space.
  109. Sunset Café: A coffee and gift shop on the Malecon.
  110. Sushi Sun: Known for authentic Japanese cuisine.
  111. Swim Poolside Lounge and Grille: A tropical paradise at Bella Sirena resort.
  112. Taquería Los Poblanos: Offers authentic tacos.
  113. Tacos Brissa: Known for authentic flavors.
  114. Tekila Bar: A local bar with a stunning view of the Malecon, perfect for fun and relaxation.
  115. The Blue Marlin: An iconic restaurant since 1996.
  116. The Crane: Offers breakfast with a spectacular view.
  117. The Friendly Dolphin: An international cuisine restaurant with a long history.
  118. The New Mexican Restaurant and Bar: Combines Mexican and American flavors.
  119. The Point Restaurant bar: An iconic restaurant on the malecon.
  120. Thrifty Ice Cream: A go-to ice cream parlor in Rocky Point.
  121. Tiki Beach Bar: A beach bar at Sonoran Sky Resort.
  122. Tiki Fresh Food: Perfect for healthy food lovers.
  123. Valentina Visconti: A coffee paradise.
  124. Wasabi Japanese Restaurant: An authentic Japanese corner.
  125. Wrecked at the Reef Rocky Point: A beachfront bar and grill with a patio, live music, and various entertainment.

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