Discovering the Best Grocery Stores in Rocky Point, Mexico

Discovering the Best Grocery Stores in Rocky Point, Mexico (Puerto Penasco)

When it comes to finding the best grocery stores in Rocky Point, Mexico, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, this coastal town has a diverse range of supermarkets and specialty markets to cater to all your shopping needs. In this guide, we’ll explore the top grocery shopping destinations that Rocky Point has to offer.


Bodega Aurrera

If you’re looking for a shopping experience that feels familiar, Bodega Aurrera is the place to go. This big box store might remind you of Walmart, but it’s tailored to the Mexican market. As you walk through its aisles, you’ll find not only groceries but also clothing, cleaning supplies, toys, and more. Aurrera even boasts a bakery and a ‘deli’ where you can discover an impressive variety of cheeses and cold cuts, including ham varieties you never knew existed. The store also features a butcher shop, a selection of alcoholic beverages, and a complete produce section.

What’s even more convenient for U.S. visitors is that Bodega Aurrera offers a favorable exchange rate for the dollar. You can locate Aurrera on Benito Juarez, and it’s quite easy to spot as you enter town.

Sam’s Club

Located right next door to Bodega Aurrera, Sam’s Club is another fantastic option for your shopping needs. While you do need a membership card, your U.S. card works here as well. Sam’s Club offers a wide array of products, from electronics and camping gear to vitamins and patio furniture. Similar to the states, food items are sold in larger quantities, making it a great choice for stocking up on essentials.

One notable feature of Sam’s Club in Rocky Point is its gourmet foods section, which is unique to the town. You’ll find an excellent selection of coffee, frozen foods, wine, and more, making it a worthwhile visit for food enthusiasts.

Super Ley / Ley Express

Super Ley is a well-known supermarket chain located throughout Mexico, and it offers a complete shopping experience. The main Super Ley location is situated on Ave. Constitucion, while Ley Express can be found on Blvd. Josefa, another prominent north/south street in Rocky Point. The newer Ley Express store is a more condensed version of the main store and often offers a better exchange rate. In either store, you’re likely to encounter fellow ‘gringos’ strolling through the aisles, making it a comfortable shopping destination for English speakers.

Specialty Markets

Fish Market

For those in search of fresh seafood, the Old Port’s Malecon is the place to be. As you drive through this area, you’ll pass by restaurants and curio shops. It’s here that you’ll come across vendors selling kilos of shrimp, lenguada, and the catch of the day, all freshly pulled from the sea earlier that morning. The Fish Market on the Malecon is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering a taste of the ocean’s bounty right in the heart of Rocky Point.

Fruteria Sinaloa

If you’re looking for a farmers market experience, head to Fruteria Sinaloa. These markets, akin to farmers markets, offer a variety of fruits and vegetables from Mexico’s interior regions. The produce is usually fresh off the truck, arriving once a week. Located on Sinaloa Avenue, just north of Freemont Blvd., this market is easy to find and offers excellent prices on a wide range of produce. From familiar items like onions, apples, and tomatoes to exotic offerings like chamoy, verdolagas, and membrillo, you’ll find it all here.

Fruteria Sinaloa is also known for its lively atmosphere, with happy background music playing as you shop. Don’t forget to check out the little kiosk in the parking lot that sells fresh flour tortillas – it’s the only place in town that also offers whole wheat tortillas.

Agua Reina

For the sake of convenience, you can head three blocks south on Sinaloa Avenue to Agua Reina. Here, you can purchase purified water and ice cubes, which are essential in a place where tap water is not typically consumed. Just as in Avondale and many other places, the locals in Rocky Point prefer purified water for drinking and cooking.


Rocky Point, Mexico, is a haven for grocery shopping enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the convenience of supermarkets like Bodega Aurrera and Sam’s Club or the unique offerings of specialty markets like the Fish Market, Fruteria Sinaloa, and Agua Reina, you’ll find everything you need to make your culinary adventures in this coastal town unforgettable.

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